1. Follow The Pros

They already did the research and they chose Groomers Helper®.

Teri DiMarino

“It has been a big plus to the industry and should be an integral piece of any salon’s equipment collection.”

Kathy Rose

“We have one on every station and I call it the groomers savior, because it saves our hands, faces and clients.”

Jay Scruggs

“As simple as it looks, it’s just a great tool to be able to control the dogs. It makes difficult dogs possible.”

Melissa Verplank

“I love the way the Groomers Helper works! It stops problems before they start, keeping both the pet and the stylist safe!”

Sue Zecco

“I have them on all of my tables. I can’t do without the Grommers Helper.”

2. Choose Smart

1. Buy tools that make grooming easier.
2. The right brush will save you time.
3. Be prepared for the unexpected.

3. Invest In Quality

You get what you pay for. If you have to replace an inferior product just once you are probably losing money. Groomers Helper® stands behind what they manufacture.