Groomers Helper® 1″ Universal Heavy-Duty Locking Steel Grooming Table Clamps

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Groomers Helper® 1″ Universal Heavy-Duty Locking Steel Grooming Table Clamps


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In stock

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Groomers Helper® Arms and Clamps are the strongest, highest quality, most overbuilt arms and clamps available in the Professional Grooming Industry. Designed and developed after years of testing in our own working salon.

If you are looking for the best grooming clamp in the industry for your non-standard table, then this is it!


  • Rubber Top Cover to protect the table and clamp.
  • Swivel cup washers to protect the underside of the tabletop when tightened.
  • Hardened steel bolts for extra durability & stability.
  • Stainless Steel Core prevents rusting to the arm.
  • Locking Nuts prevents clamp from loosening once set in place.
  • Spring Steel Safety Clip prevents grooming arm from falling on groomers or dogs.
  • Extra Strong ¼” Powder coated plate steel construction.
  • Conversion kit to ¾” arms available.

The is the ONLY clamp in the industry with these bolt locking and safety features.

A Non-standard table has a table top that is over 1 3/4″ thick – it may be home made, or a lighted grooming table, or a table that has a metal frame holding the top on. This clamp is designed for use with a non-standard grooming table ONLY and should not be used on a standard table top.

This clamp will open to a maximum of 3 1/2″ and is designed to be used with a 1″ width, square grooming arm. If you have a 3/4″ arm please click here for the proper clamp.


Do not purchase a Universal Clamp(s) if a Standard Clamp will work. The weakest parts of any clamp are the screw in bolts that hold it to the tabletop.  Therefore if you are using a Universal Clamp with a 1″ thick table you will have over 2″ of the screw out of the clamp and pressing into the table. This will allow any stress from the arm to be loaded on to the screws and increase the likelihood of them bending. You should purchase the 1″ Standard Clamp unless necessary.

If you have purchased this Universal Clamp in order to get past the table frame, but the table top itself is only 1″ thick, we recommend adding additional support.

One solution that is common is to cut a 2ʺ x 4ʺ (1.5” thick) the size of the clamp (6”) and place it between the table bottom and the cup washers on the top of the screws of the clamp. This will shorten the distance the screws go in and make it much harder for them to bend. Use a few drops of wood glue and this will keep the block in place.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 7 in


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