Elevate your grooming game with the essential Groomers Helper® Accessory Kit. Designed for professional groomers, this kit bundles our top consumables to provide replacement or additional options for your grooming routine, saving you money compared to purchasing each item separately. Each kit includes:

  • (1) Groomers Helper 3/8″ Grooming Loop ($12.95): Perfect for smaller pets, providing secure, adjustable restraint.
  • (1) Groomers Helper 5/8″ Grooming Loop ($17.95): Ideal for larger breeds, offering robust support and control.
  • (1) Groomers Helper Loop Adjuster ($17.95): Easily adjust the length of your grooming loops for optimal positioning.
  • (1) Groomers Helper Tether Repair Kit ($11.95): Keep your equipment in top shape, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • (1) Groomers Helper Dryer Holder ($59.95): Free up your hands with this stable and adjustable holder, making drying effortless and efficient.

Invest in quality with the Groomers Helper® Accessory Kit and streamline your grooming sessions while ensuring maximum comfort for your furry clients. Having replacement items readily available is invaluable—accidents can happen, whether from dog or groomer error, ensuring continuous operation without downtime.