Margate, NJ & Miami, FL. Groomers Helper and ReThink have joined forces to bring a complete line of Broad Spectrum, Pharmaceutical Grade CBD products for sale and distribution through Grooming Salons, Pet Specialty Stores, and large Pet Chain stores. Products for both Pets and Pet Parents will be offered for both retail sale and back of the house salon use.

“All ReThink products are twice tested by different Independent laboratories to assure purity of raw materials going into production, and to guarantee that the final products are truly broad spectrum and exactly to specification for purity and strength in their final form”, said Chuck Simons, owner and inventor of the Groomers Helper Family of Products. “There are no production short cuts, these are NOT isolates, the hemp is grown in the USA with no pesticides, and has zero THC content … and with such a wide range of broad spectrum products they are very reasonably priced. There is even a QR code on each package so you can check the lab test of the batch you are holding in your hand before you buy it! To partner with Groomers Helper, we would not accept anything but Ultra High Quality, and ReThink is just that.”

ReThink by Groomers Helper Pet Products include Dog Treats in varying strengths and CBD Oil Sprays in varying strengths. There is also a Skin and Hair Treatment with flea and tick repellant, and a beautiful and rich CBD shampoo that will be released shortly. These reduce pet anxiety, reduce inflammation, abate skin irritation, can reduce seizures in affected pets, and increase appetite in those undergoing cancer treatments. Consult your Vet for any pets currently under medication. ReThink for Pet Parents and Groomers are a unique line of highest quality broad spectrum products from Gummies, Energy or Relax shots, oils and skin creams to Tincture Oils, Vape oils, syrups, breath fresheners and disposable vape pens. They interact with the body’s own endocannabinoid system to help regulate sleep, immune system responses, inflammation, anxiety, and pain. All ReThink CBD sales programs for Pets and Pet Parents come in beautiful, lighted acrylic, locking showroom displays and are available in either “Starter” or “Full Line” plans. They were showcased at All American Grooming Show in Chicago, SuperZoo in Las Vegas and will be at Groom Expo in Hershey, PA.

About Groomers Helper

Groomers Helper manufactures the most overbuilt grooming equipment in the industry and is the sole source for the #1 Pet Safety & Positioning System for groomers in the world. Over a million dogs a day are safely groomed with the Groomers Helper on tables in grooming operations from the largest with
thousands of outlets, to single Independent salons. Groomers Helper is the exclusive distributor for ActiVet brushes in North and South America, Japan, and Korea and also distributes Clotit, the all-natural, non-stinging, non-staining hemostatic blood stopping powder used by tens of thousands of caring groomers and veterinarians.

About ReThink

ReThink offers the highest quality and most competitively priced broad spectrum Hemp CBD in the market today. They deliver premium, natural hemp-based products through pharmacies and retail outlets that provide numerous health benefits to enhance the overall wellness of both people and pets. They are committed to never compromise on quality and to continue to develop new products utilizing cutting edge research and state-of-the-art processing methods. ReThink simply produces the finest CBD oil available and offers it in a wide variety of affordable products.