Soft all-around FINISHING brush and light dematting. When you look at the face of THE Soft Flex Green FlexIT Finishing brushes you will notice two very specific traits. First, the pins are very linear in their layout. This is so they leave the coat with an even and smooth appearance. You will also notice that the pins themselves have a relatively short shank with a more pronounced hook on the end. It is designed this way so the brush remains on the outer coat, where the finishing work needs to be done, and does not penetrate to the undercoat. This brush is perfect for soft-coated dogs, is a great tool for reaching into sensitive areas, and is an excellent brush to recommend to home-groomers as it is more forgiving than the Firm Flex Purple Finishing Brush. BREED SUGGESTIONS: AFGAN HOUND BICHON FRISE CHIHUAHUA MALTESE PAPILLON PEKINGESE POMERANIAN POODLES WESTIES 50% less time on most brushing applications. Soft Flex Head, Finishing pattern Pins