Soft Flex Brush for dogs with long silky coats and long dense coats with moderate undercoat. For double-coated dogs, there is nothing more arduous than removing all that dead undercoat from deep under the topcoat. Any groomer that has had to work through a large Husky or Samoyed will attest that it is truly a formidable task. The FlexIT Soft Flex Gold Undercoating brush will give you back half the time and relieve half the stress of this undercoating undertaking! When you look at the pin pattern on the Gold Soft Flex brush you will see that like the Finishing brushes, the pattern is very linear. The pins themselves, however are quite different. The FlexIT Gold Soft Flex Undercoating brush has long, thin pins with a very tiny hook on the end. This pattern is specifically designed to quickly plunge through the topcoat, and get right down to the undercoat. This helps streamline the brushing process significantly, cutting down on pressure needed to penetrate the topcoat while the small hooks engage more of the deep undercoat. BREED SUGGESTIONS: BICHON FLAT COATED RETRIEVER LHASA APSO POODLE SILKY TERRIER YORKIE 50% less time on most brushing applications.