ReThink CBD Hemp Tincture Oil – 100mg / 15ml


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CBD ReThink Tincture Oil Dosage Guidelines

For our customers who have purchased our Sublingual CBD Products (Tincture Oil) we recommend you follow these dosage guidelines.

Note: This applies to all strengths of Tincture Oil: 100mg / 250mg / 500mg / 1000mg / 2000mg / 3000mg

dropper - ReThink CBD Hemp Tincture Oil - 100mgWe recommend using a ½ dropper, 2x daily (consistently – once in the morning, once at night); Squeeze the end of the dropper until all of the contents are underneath the tongue and hold for 45-60 seconds before swallowing. following this dosage routine for at least 1 week to have successfully added enough CBD to your metabolism until results would be noticed. 

If after you have consistently taken this approach for 2 weeks and you have not noticed results, consider taking a higher mg dosage.

When it comes to providing the highest quality of products, here at CBD ReThink, we have carefully formulated our CBD hemp tincture oils to be of the purest quality. Beginning with premium, naturally grown hemp, our oils come in various strength levels that might provide you with the perfect amount of health benefits.

One of the most common concerns surrounding the use of CBD products is that undesirable “high” feeling that people think they will endure; Our tincture oil products contain ZERO THC. Using our oils, you do not have to worry about any “highs” or other experiences other than the benefits that come with full-spectrum CBD Oil.

Utilizing whole-plant extracts, we are able to include the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes with No THC. To ensure that we deliver on our promise of purity, all batches that we produce are third-party tested. For those seeking a small amount of relief or just being introduced to CBD oils, try our CBD Hemp Tincture Oil in 100mg strength.

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