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ReThink CBD by Groomers Helper is double independent lab tested to assure you that not only the raw materials are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants, but that the final product that you or your pet take are exactly what the packaging says; Full Spectrum CBD in the dosage displayed on the packaging, with NO THC and no impurities.

The most effective way to absorb ReThink CBD into your system is in it’s Tincture form under the tongue twice daily.  The second most effective way is through a Vaping system, as the capillaries in the lungs transport it almost immediately into the bloodstream, which is why we offer such an extensive line of Vaping Products.  Most recommend that if you are targeting a specific area of your body for relief, that the combination of taking ReThink CBD internally in this fashion and using one of our topical products; Pain Relief Cream or Roll-on, is the proper way to approach the issue.

Groomers Helper offers TURN KEY RETAIL PROGRAMS for both Pets and People for stores and salons, with fully merchandised displays, informational brochures, and in-store signage absolutely free! You only pay for the merchandise.

Both Groomers Helper® and ReThink offer the quality products you represent at 10-30% above what you sell them for at retail. Our business model is to supply you, promote for you, market for you, NOT compete with you.

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