For pets who prefer something to chew over our CBD hemp pet spray, our Vegan dog treats are a great way to give your four-legged best friend a little help through its day. Dogs love treats, and you’ll love knowing that the Vegan treats you’re giving to them are the highest quality available.

Made from premium hemp, 40mg CBD dog treats are the perfect choice. CBD oil is extracted to ensure that no THC is present in the final product. Your dog can only receive the benefits of the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Our CBD dog treats are gluten-free!

You treat your pets as family members and when it comes to their health, we at CBD ReThink won’t cut corners for them. Your dog will love the Vegan happiness that they will experience from our 50mg dog treats. Give our CBD dog treats a try today.

The New formula Vegan Dog treats highlights are:

  • Truly Vegan
  • Healthier
  • Extra Strength
  • Non-GMO / Non- PHO
  • 2.5mg Full Spectrum/Zero THC per treat

Dosage Info

  • Small dogs (weighing 25 pounds or less) – Dogs of this size don’t need much CBD: ReThink CBD Treats – 1 Treat
  • Medium-sized dogs (weighing roughly 25 to 75 pounds) – Healthy canines of this stature typically can get away with using a little more easily without causing any sluggishness: ReThink CBD Treats – 2-3 Treats Daily
  • Large dogs (weighing over 75 pounds) – Large dogs tend to need a larger dose of CBD for it to be effective. So, don’t hesitate to give them a little more than a medium size dog.  ReThink CBD Treats – 4-5 Treats