CBD ReThink Tincture Oil Dosage Guidelines

For our customers who have purchased our Sublingual CBD Products (Tincture Oil) we recommend you follow these dosage guidelines.

Note: This applies to all strengths of Tincture Oil: 100mg / 250mg / 500mg / 1000mg / 2000mg

dropper - ReThink CBD Hemp Tincture Oil - 500mgWe recommend using a ½ dropper, 2x daily (consistently – once in the morning, once at night); Squeeze the end of the dropper until all of the contents are underneath the tongue and hold for 3-45 seconds before swallowing. following this dosage routine for at least 1 week to have successfully added enough CBD to your metabolism until results would be noticed. 

If after you have consistently taken this approach for 2 weeks and you have not noticed results, consider taking a higher mg dosage.

It can be challenging to figure out what type, how much, and the details involved when trying to decide on CBD products. At CBD ReThink, we truly believe that our premium products help improve the daily lives of our customers because we provide products made from only the best ingredients. Our tincture oils are just one product in our family of CBD-based products available.

Tincture oil is dosed under the tongue and can provide quick relief from a variety of health-related issues. By taking advantage of the endocannabinoid system in the body, our CBD hemp tincture oils may act as a kick starter for the body’s nervous system. While there are many great benefits of our tincture oils, the best thing about all our products is that we use naturally-grown whole plant hemp to extract the CBD oil from, to ensure that no THC is included in any of our products.

If you’ve tried a lower dosage or need some extra strength CBD Oil, our 500mg tincture oil should do the trick. For quick absorption and potential lasting relief, order your bottle of CBD hemp tincture oil today.