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ClotIt® Sample for 1 Penny


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Non-Burning, Non-Stinging Dog Blood Stopping Powder

Don’t Burn Your Dogs with Styptic

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Get a Sample Packet of ClotIt® – Almost FREE!

ClotIt® is a non-staining, non-stinging blood clotting powder made up of All Natural minerals designed to rapidly and painlessly stop bleeding in all wounds from minor to severe. A must for dog first aid supplies.

*Only one sample per person.

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The proper way to use ClotIt® on a nail quick.

Before clipping nails, find a lid, piece of paper or other convenient flat surface to pour ClotIt® in.


Pinch a generous amount of ClotIt® between your thumb and forefinger.

Hold the pet’s leg securely with your other hand.

Pack the nail fully with ClotIt®.

Hold the nail with your thumb on top of the nail and your forefinger on the quick, maintaining moderate pressure of a minimum of 30 seconds.

Make sure the nail is fully packed with ClotIt®.

After 30 seconds examine the nail.

If it is still bleeding, repeat Step 3.


  1. Apply generously and directly into the wound – completely covering it.
  2. Apply pressure for 15-20 seconds.
  3. Inspect the wound and re-apply only if necessary.
  4. If bleeding persists consult a veterinarian.

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