Using The Groomers Helper

FIRST POSITION: For general grooming so the pet cannot hang himself. Also the pet cannot back off, jump off, fall off, or tip the table over. You are now grooming hands free. You can do nails with one groomer on most dogs. No more spinners.


SECOND POSITION: By putting the Groomers Helper® by the muzzle of the pet they cannot drop their heads so de-matting the chest and legs is much easier. No more head-droppers.


THIRD POSITION: By putting the Groomers Helper® above the dogs head you can now quickly muzzle the dog to remove a matt or eye debris.


NO GROOMING ARM: The no grooming arm in front for better top knots and better beards is attained with the extra arm and clamp set.


TRI-TIE POSITION: The Tri-tie position needs the extra clamp and arm set and another Groomers Helper®. No more head bobblers.

: By mounting the arm and clamp at the opposite end of the table, you can now put the Groomers Helper® around the dogs waist as shown. Now the dog is unable to sit and there is minimal equipment that gets in the way.