Product Descriptions

Groomers Helper® Starter Set

The Number 1 Pet Safety and Positioning System on the market. The Groomers Helper® Starter Set includes: 1 Groomers Helper® Clamp and 1 Groomers Helper® Loop, directions and a training video. This is satisfactory for 1 groomer and one table. You can do everything except, “The Cat Cross-tie Position” which needs the extra arm and clamp set or the “Tri-Tie Position” which needs an extra Groomers Helper® Clamp and the extra arm and clamp set which is included in the Groomers Helper® Professional Set.
MSRP $124.95

Groomers Helper® Professional

Includes 2 Groomers Helper® Starter Sets. This is 2 Groomers Helper® clamps, 2 Groomers Helper® loops, the Extra Arm and Clamp Set and the Training Video.
MSRP $324.95

Groomers Helper® Professional Upgrade

Already own a Groomers Helper® and would like to upgrade to the Professional Set… this convenient upgrade completes your Professional Set. Included is another Groomers Helper® Starter Set, the Extra Arm and Clamp Set and the Training Video.
MSRP $199.95


Groomers Helper® Extra Arm and Clamp Set

This arm and clamp set is necessary to accomplish the advanced restraining techniques that the Groomers Helper® has to offer. These include the Tri-Tie and the cat cross-tie -for grooming the pet with the head away from the arm. MSRP $74.95