Industry Spokesperson – Terri DiMarino CMG, NCMG, CAH

Hello Chuck,

What a nice job you’ve done redesigning the new Groomers Helper®. I’ve been using the original tool, known as the “Alpha Lock System”, for over fifteen years and have long been a fan of this grooming device. What a pleasant surprise to find it back on the market and available again. The changes you’ve made have broadened its uses and made it adaptable to all sizes and configurations of grooming posts. The new, quick release, loop is comfortable for the pet, as well as, easy to use and the additional “mini posts” make it more versatile than ever.

Groomers are always looking for something to make their job easier and I, for one, have found the Groomers Helper® to be that third hand so many pet stylists (including myself) occasionally need. This non-aggressive, humane, restraint system stops the unnecessary struggling by both the pet and the groomer. Less struggling and correcting means more quality grooming time and, as we all know, time is money, so we can honestly say that the Groomers Helper® is a money saver.

Groomers Helper® has been a big plus to the industry and should be considered as an integral piece of any salon’s equipment collection.

Keep up the good work!
Teri DiMarino CMG, NCMG, CAH

ABOUT TERI DIMARINO: Teri DiMarino has a lifetime of grooming, retailing, and marketing experience. A salon owner for nearly thirty years and a mobile groomer for another five, Teri has been on the cutting edge of the pet styling industry and has always been a leader of innovative thinking. A multiple competition Best In Show and Best All Around Groomer award winner, Teri has also garnered International Gold Medals as a member of three Gold Medal winning GroomTeam’s. Two Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards (Judge of the Year and American Groomer of the Year) grace her trophy case. A pioneer in trade show platform demonstrations, internationally known speaker, judge, and MC, Teri has brought her experience to groomers in Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and, of course, the US.