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Testimonial Spotlight

January 2016

THANK YOU!!  Your product goes above and beyond my expectations. Every groomer has a drawer and cabinet full of purchases made to hopefully make their grooming better and/or safer for themselves and their dogs. Finally my search is over. Thank you so very much for designing a product that makes my dogs so much safer than ever before. I have now used the Groomer's Helper while working on biters, spinners, gator rollers, dryer fighters, and just your run of the mill nervous Nancy, and they were all SAFELY managed. The Groomer's Helper managed their agitation and fear, and actually calmed them quickly because they weren't being choked by their restraint system. No matter how hard a groomer tries, an angry or frightened dog on a typical loop will end up tightening the loop and in turn, puts pressure on its trachea, creating even more stress and fight or flight responses.

All week, I have used the Groomer's Helper with the additional post to create the cross restraint system that completely eliminates the dangerous fast back and forth motion when a dog is having their head dried. I was almost in tears of joy when I saw how much better the experience was for all my dogs when drying them using this method. I know the time I safe by using your product also equates into my ability to make more money and that's wonderful. My experience has been more of an emotional benefit. When I see my dogs feeling less stress, then I am less stressed. The Groomer's Helper has created a grooming environment where my good dogs are now fabulous on my table and the worst dog is now pleasurable. I finish my day with a smile in my heart knowing that I have given each dog a safe and loving groom and I'm not physically exhausted on those days when dealing with a difficult dog.

Thank you from the bottom of my dog loving heart.

Theresa Marsh
D'Tails Dog Spa
Westfield IN 46062