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Need a new loop? Maybe a new Tether? How about changing the color of your Groomers Helper® and saving $5 in the process. This kit contains a 5/8" Groomers Helper® Safety Loop and a Tether Repair Kit - You choose the color.

The grooming loop is 5/8" thick and is generally used to groom medium to large dogs. Designed to work specifically with the Groomers Helper® Professional and Starter Sets, this grooming loop is made of high quality materials. Comes with a tight locking Stainless Steel Clasp and a D-Ring for connecting the loop to the Groomers Helper® Tether. 20" Total Length.

The tether is the "rope"part of the Groomers Helper® Professional and Starter Sets.  It can easily be changed using the correct size Allen Wrench (included). 

Comes with a full set of instructions and should be easy to change the color of your Groomers Helper® by yourself.

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Color Change Kit

  • $19.95

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