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Stops The Biters! Stop Struggling! No More Head Droppers! No More Sitters! No More Spinners! Groom Safer! Earn More Money! One person can do most nail clips!

The Groomers Helper®, originally named the AlphaLock, was invented and developed by Dr. Anderson and AlphaM Inc. for use in conjunction with the Gentle Leader Training Halter. Chuck Simons of The Pet Salon Inc. adapted the AlphaLock to work with grooming loops and invented the Groomers Helper® Pet Safety and Positioning System.

Chuck found AlphaLocks to be great time savers and wanted to bring them to the Grooming Industry. In December of 2000 he bought the entire stock of AlphaLocks in existence along with the exclusive rights to manufacture them.

Groomers Helper started with the AlphaLink
Chuck asked his staff to rename the Alpha Lock and they came up with the name “Groomers Helper,” because their groomers did not need another person to assist them any more. The Groomers Helper® did the same job. “It was like having an extra pair of hands.”
Groomers Helper - Dr. Anderson & Chuck Simons

Dr. Anderson & Chuck Simons

Chuck introduced the Groomers Helper® at the N.D.G.A.A. “Grand Ol’ Grooming Show” in Nashville, Tennessee in June of 2001. About 40% of all the Groomers in attendance, including judges and seminar presenters purchased the Groomers Helper®. Chuck has received positive feedback and additional sales from those who purchased the Groomers Helper® in Nashville.

By the year 2013 the groomers Helper® had sold over 33,000 units and has distributors all over the world. It is being taught in the best grooming schools and big box stores are outfitting every grooming table they have with the Groomers Helper®.

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