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Canadian Groomers Club

Membership is FREE and members get Parity Pricing at Groomers Helper® Canada online, which means:

• $1 CAD (Canadian) = $1 US (United States)

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Illustration Purposes ONLY: As the US/Canada exchange rate fluctuates so will the savings difference. 

In order to receive this special “Parity” pricing:

  1. You must live and groom in Canada.
  2. You must be a Professional Groomer.
  3. You must have a Canadian billing address.
  4. Products purchased must be shipped to Canada.
  5. You agree to opt-in and receive promotional emails.
  6. You agree to join the Canadian Groomers Club™ (FREE)

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Canadian Groomers Club™ members cannot purchase products for the sole purpose of reselling them. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact our corporate offices directly at: 1-609-350-6480. 

*Based on Canadian/US exchange rate on January 9, 2017. Actual prices will vary based on the exchange rate between the US and Canada.

**Canadian Groomers Club™ discounts are intended for the club members use only. Purchasing products for other groomers is discouraged.

***Canadian Groomers Club discounts are ONLY eligible for products on Groomers Helper® Canada website: www.groomershelper.com/canada